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Tile work        
Demo existing tile work and prep for tile                  sqft                $ .50                $ 2.00
Prep floor with cement board                                     sqft                $1.00               $ 2.00
install ceramic tile on floor                                          sqft                $3.75                $4.25
install ceramic tile -diagonal on floor                        sqft                $3.75                $5.25
install natural stone tile on floor                                 sqft                $6.00                $5.25
install natural stone- diagonal on floor                     sqft                $6.00                $6.25

prep walls with cement board for tile                        sqft                $1.25                $3.50
install ceramic field tile (wall)                                     sqft                $2.75                $6.00
install ceramic field tile- diagonal (wall)                   sqft                $2.75                $7.25
Install bullnose edge tile                                                 lft                $6.25                $3.75
Install custom bullnose on natural stone                    lft                $6.00                $12.00
Please use these prices as a guide to be able to have a rough estimate of costs to do certain
projects.  At no time is this an accurate estimate but just a guide.  We would be more than happy to
assist you with estimating any project, free of charge.   
You can call us
Monday-Friday between 7:00am-to-3:00pm and we will gladly schedule you for a free
estimate at your home!
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